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Open the Enrollment/Renovation of MCT


On the 1st March opened the process of renewal and requests for accreditation for 2011 MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer).

I was in Seattle at the time attending MVP Summit but soon went back to Brazil I sued the renewal. In August this year to complete 11 years as MCT. Spent by leading training centers since 2000 starting with FastTraining, passing by Brás & Figueiredo, Itautec, KA Solution and until December 2010 in Green training.

For those who have not is MCT worth? How to do?


To be an MCT is necessary to have one of the Premier certifications, i.e. MCITP for IT Pros and DBAs or MCPD to developers. There are a few certifications that do not need to have the MCITP/MCPD e.g. MCTS from Project 2007.

To provide trainings the MCT needs to have the examination on the course, for example, the MCITP: SQL Admin cannot deliver trainings of SSAS, and SSRS and the MCITP: BI cannot teach the courses of administration and performance. When you enable as MCT in your MCP transcript will come with a list of courses that you can deliver.


This is the best part, in Brazil are U$ 50 if you do not have link with a CPLS or U$ 37.50 if you are linked to a CPLS.


The electronic process is simple, just enter the MCP site (restricted) and fill in a registration tool "MCT Enrollment".

However, for the first time you must have a driving licence issued by another MCT or CPLS indicating who attended a course or monitored and that has the necessary requirements and didactics. Some CPLSs have courses to enable, as Green and New Horizons.


Best of all is the unrestricted access to all the didactic material from Microsoft. Not only in its product line, but all the same. The MCT can download and study the MOCs and also have access to download the VMs used in courses.

Another important benefit is a free subscription to TechNet full (, among other partners, such as Camtasia and monitoring tools.


Waiting for what? Log on to their certification using discounts and promotion second chance ( to finish your MCITP, or MCPD and contact a CPLS near you!!!!!!

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