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Intel vPro Second generation


In a webcast had commented the resources that the vPro aggregates (click here) but now we have new features added from upcoming processors.

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Let’s recap some information. As commented in the previous post, some of the capabilities of vPro are already old known as the Turbo Boost, Hyper-Threading and Intel VT for virtualization. In the first version were included KVM capabilities that enable remote screen capture, the AMT which allows you to manipulate the remote machine’s BIOS, and other resources.

The addition of second generation vPro resources are for Core i5 processors (Specifications) and Core i7 (Specifications). Following is a summary of these new features:

  • Intel ® AES-NI (
    Feature that speeds up data encryption processes, mainly BitLocker in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.
    Is a feature that is transparent to the user, because it is performed by software such as McAfee, Windows BitLocker and others.
  • Intel ® AT (
    Acronym for "anti-theft Technology" makes a mapping of the physical location of the computer, allowing sent a statement by fully locking the computer internet. This renders the equipment, protecting sensitive data.
    However, it is important to note that you will need a specific software that supports this technology. See the link AT which monitors and models of computers that have the technology.
  • Intel ® InTru 3D ™ and Quick Sync Video (
    New technologies in the onboard video card of these processors with support for embedded 3D, besides a powerful graphics accelerator that would reduce the use of plates offboard for videos and artwork.
    This is not a new feature, but accelerates the functions of Intel HD imbedded in this generation of processors.

If you want to look in detail the processors and the resources available see the link with the summary of features that already existed as new with many detailed links.

Summary: With these new features Intel processor can create an almost all-in-one in terms of security and usability. The onboard video card now has capacity for handling and resolution of complex graphical environments. The new features are imaginable only for software that could be used, but in case of formatting does nothing and now we are talking about halting the processor physically disabling the equipment, allowing to locate it if integrated with GPS computer (when available).

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