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Error messages in the System Center Configuration Manager 2007


Really are two links that “is priceless” available in blog time products. The problem is commented when a report or query to rotate and accuses a numerical error, without any explanation.

The first link is to discover an error converting into hex the long returned in a report, for example, the error 2147012889 in hex is error 80072EE7 indicating the proxy http (

The second link is a list of the most common errors and, despite not bring solution, throws a light on the reason for the problem (

A good example I have when a PXE error happened with the code “MAKE_HRESULT (SEVERITY_ERROR, FACILITY_ITF, 4)” which is nothing more than path too long to obtain the image. All it took was simplicity links by creating a new shared folder and it worked!!!!


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  1. GabrielNar permalink

    I had the similar problem and tried Long Path Tool, available at It helped me to solve this problem easily.
    Try it, and you will definitely love this tool. Its free.

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