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System Center Configuration Manager 2007 reports incorrectly processors


Some time ago that one of my students of ConfigMgr (Rodrigo Carvalho group schahin financing facility) commented to me that the SCCM brought in incorrect processor hardware inventory for some machines.

At first there was much evidence common problem and what I suggested was using WMISTUDIO ( and see whether the error was in WMI or in SCCM. The result, of course was that WMI reported the same error.

However, the Rodrigo found a Fix for Windows XP and Windows 2008 that corrects this behavior, the KB953955 ( He installed and reported that now it worked.

It tip, if your environment engraving with core 2 Duo processor, i3 or i5 report as Pentium III order the KB. Note that is not common that happens in my case it was the second time I saw, however in the former case the engraving with problems were upgraded to Windows 7 and this error no longer applies.

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