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Comparison of CPUs, see before you buy or change your computer


I needed to choose a server from Dell for a client and I came across a relationship between 7 different processors, 4 AMD and 3 Intel. Some things no longer have to worry about, for example, if is 64 bits because all are.

Then follow my advice when choosing a processor:

  1. Verify that the processor has support virtualization, in the case of AMD all currently has, in the case of Intel look for the link below if he is "Yes" under "Virtualization" (
  2. Check the bus speed, for example, AMD works with 1600 bus (800 x 2) while Intel works with 800, 1033 or 1333.
  3. Purchase memory of the same speed bus, where AMD 800 Ghz and Intel as the specification
  4. Check the size of L1 and L2 cache, the bigger the better. For example, a processor with the same bus speed and CPU but with 3 MB is about 15% faster than a 2 MB. IMPORTANT: AMD’s processors work with cache differently from Intel, so in general use half the value without affecting performance.
  5. See the CpuBenchmark table (, browse to the desired processor and see their placement in relation to the others, as the table below:

I won’t go into detail in the remainder of the machine, because in general are fixed components. On the sites of Dell, HP and other manufacturers each template already has the server, disk controller chipset and video pre-assembled, the largest range of options are the same on the processors.

And the data above is important because affect much more than the video card on a server or network and MOSTLY don’t forget to check if your processor (Intel) supports Intel-VT.


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