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Master Certification for SQL-Important Change


Since the Master certifications were released that the greatest hindrance was the fact that they are carried out only in Redmond, with a cost of U$ 18,000 to U$ 25,000 depending of country. In the case of Brazil would not for less than $ 20 thousand taking into account air tickets.


The news disclosed this week is that the MCM SQL, as well as other gradually, will be released by Prometric. How will work?

Candidate must have already completed the MCITP and development administration and have real practical knowledge. This is not a common examination, which is in a few hours choosing options and receives the result at the moment. The exam is corrected by Microsoft and not by automated systems.

The examination can be done anywhere in the world, but for now the Brazil still has no authorized Centre, since this authorisation is made only in centres with high level security, see the Relationship centres authorised and note that already exist in Canada, Japan, Germany, India and others. If you already have Malaysia and South Africa the Brazil will soon, at least we hope …

The cost of the first examination, the knowledge that tests and is in the image below the Prometric is $ 500 and the virtual laboratory-based examination is $ 2,500 but is not yet available.



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