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Measuring real energy consumption (JouleMeter)


Theoretical tables of consumption of a microcomputer, notebook or servers are extensive on the Internet. In general use 4 forms of calculations:

  • Deterministic Arbitrary – With total capacity of arbitrary source less a percentage for using competitor. For example, if the source of his computer is 200W and you don’t use all power outputs, arbitrates-if the value of 60%, therefore 120W.
    This method is not trusted because it does not have any real basis for the percentage.
  • Deterministic Accumulated – Sum up the consumption of CPU, memory, disks, motherboard and additional taking into account the technical specifications of the manufacturer of each component.
    This method is accurate calculation but may increase the actual consumption, since it takes into account the maximal value of each component, with your processor consumption varies according to the demand, the disk might disconnect idle, apart from not taking into account USB devices such as keyboard, mouse and pendrive.
  • Actual consumption – This method is the most exact and brings the energy consumption from "pulled" by the equipment from the main power cord with the help of pliers ammeter, like the image below. This tool brings the amperage, voltage and electric consumption by arc generated in the power cord to be places in reading tweezers.
    However, this method also has the disadvantage of requiring measurement is human and not keep records of swings as the use of components fit demand processing.
  • Actual consumption (heuristic) – This method is automated, intelligent and real. Through consumption heuristics formulas it is possible to know the total measuring the consumption of CPU, memory and other components from sensor data from the computer or by the data of each updated component. This calculation is done by software that accumulates data bringing the average consumption, INCLUDING CO2!!!
    For this download JouleMeter free tool created by Microsoft research
    The CPU and memory consumption for this is very low and will not affect the environment, being allowed to install on VMs based processors with Intel-VT or AMD-V.
  • Now you can make actual tables of consumption, stations and other servers in your network. Soon I will do a post comparing the consumption of servers viewing the virtualization scenario.

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