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Fixed Sequence Startup VMs in hyper-V


In our environment we install a Dell server and five VMs before physical machines distributed in 3 were consolidated. However, our Domain Controllers are two VMS and we noticed the problem of the lack of a DC upon startup of other VMs, mainly Exchange, when the server is updated by WUA, for example, or in case of crash in host.

How to solve this?

Solution 1

The machine physically be the Domain Controller and host the FSMOs.

The disadvantage of this method is that the standard recommendation is that the hyper-v host is dedicated to this function, and that neither she has video driver (Problems with the driver for Intel Graphics Media Integrated HD and hyper-V). Both this solution as the below were not viable because the client keeps a second machine to another physical location with the VMS copied to only update the SQL DB in case of server failure or the building, and synchronizing AD in this case would be unfeasible.

Solution 2

Put a physical server hosting AD.

Isn’t víável for this client because its intention was to buy a Server bi-processed, redundant and dedicated storage, besides a powerful UPS to 1h30m operation. Put more a server would be against the project submitted, because the environment there is also a Server System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) that cannot be DC. With this, we need to limit the environmental 8 physical machines (hyper-v Server, DPM and TMG).

Solution 3

Stream the VMS, causing the DC that hosts the FSMO were the first.

This became the ideal choice, not a machine to include more managable and would make the emergency restore quickly in case of crash the server.

However, note that this process is reversed. Not says which machine will connect in front, but there is a delay in engraving that depend on. This can be done in each VM settings that depend on another machine and change settings "Automatic Start Action", as shown below:


NOTE: this solution is suitable for cases of restart of the server where the VMs were saved and will restart automatically and does not apply to manual startup, obviously.

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