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Top 100 Jobs in USA (


CNN launches every year a list of the 100 best jobs based on growth opportunities and provides a list with details such as occupations, wages, and how to achieve excellence.

See the list, to get an idea the 1st is a software architect, 7th DBA, 17th security Information and so on. An important point is to highlight that specialization is high, because the generic “System Enginering” fell to the 49th position, while the professions linked to development dominate the list from 17th position.

Follow the link to the list of the first 50 positions and following 50,  remembering that clicking on each have a detailed understanding of the market and opportunities.

It is also interesting that the story brings the professions “Low Stress” in and puts Web developers and Testers as one of them, which seems strange, but …

On the other hand it is important to note that in the list of “Most Growths” and “Satisfaction” Informatics professions are not present, which was to be expected.

Whoever wants to change profession, have more opportunities and satisfaction, go to the medical area!!!


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