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Problems with the driver for Intel Graphics Media Integrated HD and hyper-V


This week we had an unusual problem. Receive new servers with Intel Core i3, chipset Intel H55. We follow the standard procedure, we install Windows 2008 R2, Inf Update video driver, and everything was going well. Video resolution 1920 x 1280 edged as expected.

Our problems started when habilitávamos hyper-V and reiniciavamos machine. The screen appeared all scrambled and after a few minutes blue screen. We have made every attempt possible and nothing decided, we downloaded the version of driver 5 days ago and nothing.

When searching we found that it is not recommended to install video accelerators in engraving with the hyper-V ( and also that this same problem of hang when the video accelerator and hyper-V are on the same machine with other video cards such as NVidia and ATI Radeon.

The recommendation and resolution of the problem is this, literal transcription: "this behavior does not occur when you use the vgapnp config.sys or .sys generic VGA display drivers that ship with Windows Server 2008. To revert to the generic video driver, you can uninstall any driver-specific video alto provider performance. "

Follows a support thread with a Microsoft employee indicating that the best is really forget the accelerator:


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