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MVP – A title that I have all


Today I received an email with my appointment as MVP (Most Valuable Professional).
According to the email I received the MVP is a title taking into account what the professional released and represents to the Community market.
I still don’t know what this will mean going forward, but know what made me receives it.
I am already a veteran in the technical area, my first job was as a typist in 1987 and even Cobol programmer with CP700 Prológica’s computers through QBasic, Dbase II, Clipper, Fox Pro, VB3 to VB6, Java and .NET. When I started there was no Division Infra/Dev in small and medium-sized enterprises and thus also had the opportunity to meet Novell, Lantastic and the Windows Server family. This year, on 12 August 2010, completed 10 years as MCT.
On the other hand, the communities I was skeptical and believed to be thing newbies and something to do in their spare time and I would never do anything without receiving. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!
I discovered over the past 2 years that communities are stronger than political parties, which goes beyond geographical and linguistic barriers that mobilize hundreds of professionals.
I thank the people by their names, but I’m sure that with the fish my memory for names will forget and be unfair to some. So I thank the staff of Microsoft DPE, staff who organized the HCL that was my first volunteer event targeted communities and those who organized and presented me events by webcast.
I hope to be able to match what you expect from someone who receives the title of MVP and sit in the provision to this same community that helped me to receive this title.


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