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Intel vPro support in System Center Service Manager and Configuration Manager


In the webcast that realized with Wesley ( comment that the Configuration Manager SP2 supports Intel Core vPro. Fo Today announced that the Service Manager 2010 will also have support for Intel vPro technology. However I have already received 5 emails wondering what is the Intel Core vPro.

The Intel Core vPro is a technology that Intel created to support and features involving power consumption of a machine. As the focus is the part of management, with the vPro is possible to capture the console of a machine directly by processor!!!

Imagine a situation where a computer receives a new hardware you need a data update BIOS or firmware, change any settings of the BIOS or even a blue screen caused by software or hardware (except processor, obviously). With the Intel vPro administrator accesses remotely to target machine BIOS console by network, a real console.

Place this scenario in SCCM or SCSM and you can solve a problem on a server is on the start-up screen accusing the primary disk or the SCSI controller is disconnected or poorly configured. With the Intel vPro you remotely configure or just pressing the F1 as is common in these cases without having to physically move.

This feature, as you can guess, it is essential for datacenters and remote environments without Administration located. If you have an interest in using this feature you need to know that configure the Out-Of-Band Management and digital certificates. See the procedure in video located in

Source SCSM:

Source technique of vPro:

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