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Installing the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 R2 on Windows 2008 R2


Upgraded a system with System Center this week to Windows 2008 R2 and came across a new problem. Apparently rose services, the client installed and finds the site code. However, there was no communication between the client and server and logs the role Management Point (MP) accused the error below. Besides this error you should also install some specific features in IIS 7 to run reports.

SYMPTOM 1 – does not communicate with the Management Point

Client log accuses error communicating with the IIS server log and accuses WebDav Setup error.

CCMExec .log-<! [LOG [[CCMHTTP] HTTP ERROR: URL = http://<server>/ccm_system/request, Port = 80,

MPSetup.exe to .log-Failed to get WebDAV settings on the machine (0x80070002)

To check the IIS webdav is installed the feature and site Default website is running normally.


In Windows 2008 R2 IIS does not automatically enable WebDAV, you must enable it. Besides the WebDav by default has access anonimo disabled and IIS 7 5 must be assigned a role definition by explicit access.


Follow the steps below to resolve the problem with WebDAV:

1-open Default website and click on the feature WebDav:


2-Enable WebDAV and includes a rule authoring (Add Authoring Rule) enabling read access for All Users:


3-change the properties marked below to allow access customized anonimo, disable and enable the list:



SYMPTOM 2 – Reports do not appear in Reports

The problem is shown on the homepage of the console when you try to run any report:

http://servidor:80/smsreporting_grp/reports.asp Error 404.3


IIS 7 5 by default installs the feature rather than feature ASP only.


Run the Server Manager, click on the scroll Web Server and choose Add Feature and proceed as in the figure below:


Just enter and run reports.

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