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Evaluation of System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM)



Since the beginning of the year we use System Center data protection in the enterprise to manage and automaticar backup processes. And in all consultants we are indicating this as being the best product to the line of Microsoft servers.

The DPM has captivated us? What are the advantages of this product? I will cite the main advantages in our environment in the product ( you will find more reasons:

  • Support native products allows to customize the backup and restore as the characteristics of the product. For example, if Exchange DPM autormaticamente makes the replicas in the edb and assembles the restore points using the logs. If the protected server is SQL or SharePoint DPM makes the replica of the database and assembles the restore points using the database log. As these examples show, the network traffic is optimized in restoring security and guaranteed with the shortest time possible
  • Backup of VMs in hyper-V or Virtual Server 2005 R2 in native mode. I.e. If you have a VM with Sharepoint don’t get backing up the database, you can back up the entire vhd, which ensures a restore much faster since the restore points are made as if they were a differencing disk, just with the modifications. Recently in a multinational which I support they went off a Project Server site and came back up entire VM by DPM in less than 15 minutes
  • Elimination of "backup Windows", since the restore points are not full incremental backups and Yes. In the same environment that commented above backup impacted so little that there was no loss of performance for users. Course administrators noticed that network traffic gave a more than 4% on the measurements, but was within the expected
  • Simplicities in agent, both in the installation is automatic and pela network as at the time of creation of groups of restoration. Many backup programs do not provide a visual interface so simple when you create the protection groups
  • Hybrid protection groups and multiserver administration much easier, since both can create a protection group with all SQL databases across multiple servers that are both create a protection group to a server with multiple services simultaneously
  • Licensing is very simple, if you back up Exchange, Sharepoint or SQL just take the enterprise license for each protected server. If you back up your Windows and folders using the standard license for each protected server

In the use of day-to-day DPM see as it is simple and functional. Is a product really very useful and simple to manage. Even small customers, with 2 servers, worth, since in a single backup set operations conducted with Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, File Share and System State in a centralised manner. It’s a great tool for Windows Small Business, for example.

If you liked the evaluation and wants to implement watch the videos in

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